Guild and Associate Member Grants

Grant Guidelines–2017-2018 Cycle


Prospective applicants should review all the guidelines and the final reports of past recipients to gain a sense of what projects might fit the MAFA Grants Program. Projects should align with MAFA’s objectives to “promote education in the fiber arts; to plan, organize and conduct conferences; and to facilitate communication among member guilds.”

General Requirements

  • Applicant must represent a member guild or be associate member of MAFA, and must represent an organization or event that is nonprofit in nature (501c3 status is not required).
  • Application consists of the completed application form with optional photos.
  • Grant award funds may only be used for the project in the area defined in the plan and project description.
  • Grant funds may not be used for attendee meals.
  • Project must involve the public (i.e., not equipment, research or benefit to an individual or a single guild)
  • Credit must be given to The MidAtlantic Fiber Association¬†Grant in any¬†publicity or public relations (PR) material about the project.
  • Projects must be no longer than 12 months in duration.
  • The project final report is due within 60 days following the project end date.

Follow-up Requirements

  • Projects must include a final report and photograph(s) for use on the MAFA website, publications, and/or social media
  • Photographs must be accompanied by permission to publish

Judging Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated and ranked by the MAFA Grants Committee in the following areas:

  • Fiber-related with measurable learning outcomes.
  • Public impact/visibility/benefit
  • Educational purpose
  • Completeness of the application and adherence to instructions
  • Receipt of grants in previous years. Guilds applying for a grant for the first time will be given priority

The MAFA Board of Directors (the ‘Board’ will determine the budget from which grants will be allocated, and may recommend an average award or number of projects to be awarded within the total budget. Projects must be completed within the time specified, beginning on or after March 1, 2017 and completed no later than February 28, 2018.

About the MAFA Grants Committee:

The MAFA Grants Committee consists of a chairperson appointed by the Board, additional members from active member guilds or associate members in good standing, and the MAFA vice-president. The Grants Committee is responsible for reviewing grant proposals, making recommendations for project funding, and reviewing/approving final reports.

Grants Committee members may not participate in review of applications from any guild to which they belong.

Application, Review, Granting & Reporting Process

The application consists of the information requested on the MAFA Application Form and up to three photographs illustrating the project or activity (optional).

  • Funds will be distributed as follows: 50% at time of approval, 50% once final report has been approved by the Board.


Application Timetable

Guidelines, application, and photo release form published on MAFA website November 30
Application Received by Grants Committee members
Note: Applications received after this date will not be considered
January 31
Committee evaluates proposal and makes its recommendations. An applicant may be contacted by the Committee for additional information during the review process February 15
Board reviews recommendations and proposals. Applicants are notified whether their application has been accepted or rejected. Some applicants may be rejected due to funding constraints but are encouraged to re-submit their paperwork for the following year’s grants. March 1
MAFA Treasurer sends first check (50% of total amount of grant) to successful applicants March 1
Reporting and final payment process March 7


Project Timetable

Project supported by MAFA grant commences on or after March 1, 2017
Project supported by MAFA grant ends no later than February 28, 2018
Final report due to Grants Committee 60 days after project completion before April 30, 2018


Reporting and Final Payment Process

A final report about the project supported by the MAFA grant is due within 60 days of project completion (but no later than April 30, 2018). This report is to include:

  • Photos or video, with permission form
  • Description of project goals and/or objectives
  • Description of actual outcomes
  • Original vs actual budget, with an explanation of any differences
  • Advice for other project directors

The Final Report will be reviewed by the Grants Committee. If any rewuired information is missing the Grants Committee may return the report to the projgram direction for revisi9n and resubmission. Once the report is approved by the Committee, the Committee sends the report to the MAFA Board of Directors for its review. The final check (50%) wil be sent to the guild within 15 days of the Board’s approval of the final report.

* To generate PDF format from Word or Excel documents, current versions of Word and Excel permit you to Save As PDF from within the application. Many free utilities are available to generate PDF. If you cannot find a way to save as PDF, contact the webmaster

May 30 or earlier

Reporting Timetable

Final report due to Grants Committee 60 days after project completion before April 30
Grants Committee evaluates the report. If the report is missing neessary components it is returned projmptly to program direction for revision or clarification Review will begin within 15 days of receipt of report May 15 or earlier
Grants Committee evaluates the report and approves it 15 days after receipt of report or supplenental materials May 15 or earlier
The Board reviews report and finalizes decision 15 days after report May 30 or earlier
MAFA Treasurer sends final check (remaining 50% of total amount of grant) with letter approving final report 7 days after report approved by Board June 7 or earlier